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Assembly Line

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When machinery and music collide...
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Being a fan of electronic music for some years and enjoying such genre grands as KMFDM, Front Line Assembly and Covenant i finally decided to create a community, dealing with such form of entertainment. I always wanted my passion for this kind of music to take form...and this is an attempt to do so. Here, in this community, you will find various albums of the musicians who, more or less, are connected to electronics, machines and such... Metal and samples sometimes go hand in hand, so don't be surprised to see such bands as Fear Factory here alongside Front Line Assembly...-_^ Of course, there will mostly be electronic bands, but sometimes i'll throw in something unordinary, to show some variety.

All that you can do here is join in and enjoy the music i upload here. If you want something we're still missing, you can write a comment in a specified post called Request Line, and if i can i'll put the required stuff on the upload...

More complicated info and rules coming soon! ^_^

Social capital

  • less than 10